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Top 10 Free Premium Looking Blogger Templates Of 2020

Do you know why everyone worries when they are about to start a blog in 2020? It wasn’t that clear in the beginning? I mean how many people would my stuff. Obviously, you should be worried about two things since, starting a blog is a big decision, isn’t it?
 The theme you want to settle is a storefront for your ideas that lets your blog speak to the visitors. So, how do you pick the best AdSense friendly blogger template which looks professional and casual all at the same time?

Free Premium Looking Blogger Templates

We know, how excited you are to install AdSense friendly blogger template that is selling, tending items, newest items…do not pay attention to those. You should not choose a blog template based on the factors that have nothing with the usability of your potential blog.

What exactly is an AdSense friendly blogger template?

Starting a blog today is inexpensive in today’s world but to choose AdSense blogger templates which has a responsive layout, easily customize options, simple layout design, header options, and color options are the biggest factors why everyone wants to go with an AdSense friendly blogger template.

Many peoples think of a fast loading blogger template which is certainly not the greatest factor because if the template isn’t looking good. It is difficult to get approval through AdSense.

Also, the UX (User experience) and UI (User interface) play crucial looks that decide the right design of your blog with text that is visible so as to provide a good experience to the visitors coming on your blog.

As we all know AdSense is far the easiest way to monetize your blog with niche websites, magazines, and news forums. Though it does not require technical skills for the setup. But this only possible if you have the right AdSense friendly blogger templates for your blog.

As you know, AdSense is best known for paying good CPC/PPC networks due to its immense popularity and high competition between the advertisers. If you are just starting up with a blog on blogger then, I highly recommend you to choose an AdSense friendly blogger template.

Well, the point is SEO and AdSense go hand in hand that depicts that you can easily get ranked and churn out tons of money with AdSense CPC from organic traffic. In this post, we have curated a list of best AdSense friendly blogger template that is well designed and offer great user experience and defiantly with a good codebase.

So let's dig in.

Top 10 SEO Friendly Blogger Templates

1. SEO Boost – Best AdSense friendly blogger template

SEO boost has a clean and sleek interface and fully compatible with AdSense. SEO boost AdSense friendly blogger template can go with blogs having lifestyle, travel, technology, business or entertainment niche.

Free Premium Blogger Templates

If you talk about the AdSense friendliness you get to see a host of options to place your AdSense ads units. Also, SEO boost AdSense friendly blogger template will help you get fast approval for the AdSense.

If you are in a hunt for minimalistic looking blogger template then look no further, SEO boost AdSense friendly blogger template is customizable and optimized according to user needs. It is highly recommended for starting a niche blog in News blog and for professional use. This blogger template blends completely with the niches on lifestyle, fashion, games, food blog, health, sports, travel and technology, business or entertainment websites.

This best blogger templates for AdSense has the following features to achieve a super easy search engine ranking in Google and Bing.

  • SEO friendly & responsive
  • Ads ready
  • Slideshow & social bookmark ready
  • Email subscription
  • Widget
  • Page navigation
  • Browser compatibility

2. SeoRocket – AdSense friendly blogger template

You must be wondering why this AdSense blogger template has that kind of name. Yes, you are probably right the specialty about this AdSense friendly blogger template is that it loads fast. Not only that it’s responsive and comes SEO ready, but the designs are also worth mentioning because it is extremely suitable for generating revenue from AdSense.
SEORocket free download premium version

SeoRocket follows the latest trends and SEO guidelines and equipped with the following features:

  • Meta tags
  • Perfect On-page SEO
  • Clean cache
  • Perfect page speed
  • Clean code
  • Responsive design

3. Tech News – Responsive Blogger Template

Tech News Blogger Template is a premium flat, clean, super flexible and fully responsive blogger theme, best suited for Technology, News or Blog Websites. Tech News Blogger Template comes with modern design, speed and ads optimization. We put a lot of effort and research into making this Blogger Theme the best one you can find out there. 

premium blogger templates free

The theme comes with a lot of features and easy to customize. The theme is very flexible and super easy to use. It is packed with tons of features and custom widgets. We hope you will enjoy it and have a good time publishing your articles. And don’t hesitate to ask us for help. 

Tech News Blogger Template follows the latest trends and SEO guidelines and equipped with the following features:

  • Fully Responsive Design
  • SEO Optimized
  • Easy Admin Panel
  • Ads Ready
  • Google Comment
  • Custom 404 Error page

4. Super Seo – Responsive Blogger Template

Super Seo Optimized Blogger Template is one of the best and finest blogger templates we have ever created. With search engines in mind such as Google and Bing, we created the responsive theme Super Seo. It is a perfect responsive and gorgeous SEO friendly and SEO optimized Blogger Template. 

top 10 blogger template

It is coded in a new way, where it loads everything fast and have carefully enqueued scripts so it loads as quickly as possible. It is specially designed for any kind of newspaper, blog, magazine, portal and personal type website. Check more awesome

Features of the Super Seo Blogger Template:

  • Fully Responsive Design
  • SEO Optimized
  • Easy Admin Panel
  • Social Share Buttons
  • Ads Ready
  • Custom 404 Error page

5. Revo – Simple Blogger Template

Revo Simple Blogger Template is a dynamic, fast responsive Magazine & Blog Blogspot theme. It is suitable for a wide-range of magazine/blog niches such as a personal blog, fashion, photography, travel, sports, news, Magazine, etc. Our theme has included multiple featured widgets, powerful theme options panel, highly SEO optimized, many elements, Google Font and font awesome. The goal with Revo was to create a sleek and simple design without all of the extra features on the homepage that some people have no need for.

premium blogger template free download

This layout will be very easy for your visitors to understand and navigate. The elegant looking subscription widget on the homepage is easy to take in and the featured post provides a clear call to action. Check more awesome features of the Revo Blogger Template

  • Responsive
  • Google Testing Tool Validator
  • SEO Friendly
  • Mobile Friendly
  • 404 page
  • Ads Ready
  • Whatsapp Sharing Button

6. Urban Mag - Responsive Blogger Template

Urban Mag Blog Magazine Blogger Template is a premium looking and professionally designed blog magazine theme, with great looking design and up to the mark features, it provides you with an opportunity to create something exceptional with your blog. Build your blog about news, technology, games, travel destinations, films, blogger magazines, technology, etc. 

best free blogger templates

This theme is loaded with content-based featured posts like the recent post, random post, label based recent post. It includes 9 different types of featured posts along with the various menu, social widget, email subscriber, etc. Check more awesome features of the Urban Mag Blogger Template


  • Fully Responsive Design
  • SEO Optimized
  • Easy Admin Panel
  • Ads Ready
  • Social Share Buttons
  • Custom 404 Error page

7. Sora One – Responsive Blogger Template

Sora One Blogger Template is a feature-full and perfect blogging blogger theme. This template is very flexible, easy for customizing and well optimized, approaches for any topic like News Blog and professional use. This theme is ideal for Lifestyle, Fashion, Games, Food, Blog, Health, Sports, Travel Technology, Business or Entertainment websites.  It is a perfectly optimized Seo ready theme that ensures, the best possible rankings on various search engines in simple steps. 

premium blogger templates free

It is a professional-looking amazing Blogspot theme with features that can help you to establish a blog on any niche. This theme is fully responsive and perfectly fits every screen size or device, whether its desktop, laptop or smartphone.  This theme has everything, which today’s bloggers are looking for. It comes in a super professional color combination of black, white and blue as action color.

Features –

  • Responsive
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Custom 404 Page
  • Whatsapp Sharing
  • Seo Friendly
  • Ads Ready

8. Robin Blog – Responsive Blogger Template

Robin Blog Blogger Template is the light/simple version of our previous template Bpress. It is a simple blog template with a premium feel that is suitable for news, tech, review, school, movie, gadget, video, HowTo, etc blogs. Carefully handcrafted and designed with ease of use, functionality, and flexibility in mind. It has a modern and bold design which will make your readers always return for more. Speed, security, SEO and social integration – all in one blogger template. 

responsive blogger templates

Robin is suitable for beginners and experts alike. Start writing, publishing, advertising and sharing in minutes., Check more awesome features of the Robin Blogger Template.

  • Responsive
  • Google Testing Tool Validator
  • SEO Friendly
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Loading Speed
  • Ads Ready

9. Lyricist – Responsive Blogger Template

Lyricist Blogger Template is a uniquely designed professional looking Blogspot theme with music and lyrics niche blogs. This is a fully responsive theme with a grid styled post, That can adjust its width according to user's screen size or device and will look beautiful on every aspect ratio. This theme has some cool features such as click to copy lyrics which allow you to publish lyrics in the most easiest way possible. This theme is made for music and lyrics blog but also can be used to create other niche and micro-niche blogs such as travel, personal blog, food, recipe, makeup, review, tech, news, etc. Made with clean code it is one of the most optimized themes which scores outstanding in SEO.

adsense friendly blogger templates

This is one of the fastest loading themes available on our site. It has a professional-looking color combination of black, white and red as action color. Tabbed Widget Ready, Slideshow, Page Navigation Menu, Red, White, Ads Ready, 1 Sidebar, 1 Right Sidebar, Clean, Minimalist, Seo Ready, Magazine, Free Premium, Right Sidebar, Gallery, Post Thumbnails, Responsive, Social Bookmark Ready, Drop Down Menu, 2 Columns, Fast Loading, Browser Compatibility, Web2.0, WhatsApp Sharing, Mega Menu, Lyrics, Lyricist, Music.

10. Sora Seo – Responsive Blogger Template 

Sora Seo Blogger Template is a simple and content focused Blogspot theme. It is a perfect responsive and gorgeous SEO friendly and SEO optimized Blogger Template. Just like its name, it is a highly optimized theme to provide you a better and much more professional experience than any other Blogspot template. It is specially designed for blogs about news and tech magazine. This template is the best choice to build news, technology and magazine blogger blogs. This template has perfectly placed ad placements to ensure that you generate most from your ads. It comes with tons of features and widgets which became very handy while managing loads of contents in a professional and clean way.

adsense friendly blogger templates

It comes in a very professional color combination of blue, black and white with sky blue as action color. Breadcrumb Navigation Ready, News, Page Navigation Menu, 3 Columns Footer, Tabbed Widget Ready, Slideshow, Business, Blue, Ads Ready, White, 1 Sidebar, 1 Right Sidebar, Clean, Seo Ready, Magazine, Free Premium, Right Sidebar, Post Thumbnails, Responsive, Social Bookmark Ready, Drop Down Menu, 2 Columns, Simple, Fast Loading, Browser Compatibility, WhatsApp Sharing, Elegant, AMP

How to download Blogger Template and install a New Template

Step 1. Log in to blogger and then, go to the dashboard, Click the design link

Step 2. Click the Edit HTML tab

Step 3. Click to download the full template link and save it on local PC

Step 4. Unzip the template file you have downloaded from a different site.

Step 5. Back on the Edit HTML page, click the Choose File button.

Step 6. Navigate to where you saved the unzipped files on your computer, and double-click the one that ends in .xml.

Step 7. Click the Upload button

Step 8. Click the View Blog button to ensure that your blog looks the way you want it to look.


Your blog design is something that every visitors see and stay glued for the rest of 10 minutes. No matter how many visitors you have on your blog. When it comes to blogger templates, we have many AdSense blogger templates paid as well as free. However, the stock templates are simple and elegant looking that’s why many developers try to bring premium looking blogger templates such as AdSense friendly blogger template for free.

Most of these AdSense friendly blogger templates are inspired by premium WordPress themes that will offer you complete new look and design. AdSense is bar best and simple monetizing methods for a simple website such as blogs, niche websites, magazines, news, and forums thus, you do not require any technical knowledge Just setup and use.

Final Words 

Most blogger templates are not designed in a proper way that’s it lacks in SEO. But using blogger template from reputed online store or few that we’ve showcased in our blog having templates properly coded, offer a host of features to determine there’s no drop in search engine rankings. Of course, these are compatible with Google AdSense, responsive to mobile devices and are inspired by WordPress themes.

If you guys liked this post then do share this with your friends, and if you have any queries or doubt drop a comment in the comment section below. I will get back to you very soon with a new article till then stay tuned.

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